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The AudioJig is currently under a re-design, and the model AJII is now under way. For enquiries or further information:

The Sleep Inducer has been re-designed, and more compact, and even more effective. Need a better night's sleep? Find out more.

As Audio Art now encompasses digital and micro-controller designs as well as audio and analogue designs, we may consider a name change, or incorporating a secondary identity sometime soon. Audio Art will always design specialist audio and analogue circuits, but now we can offer the same service in the areas of industrial control, digital control, and embedded firmware designs. 

Consulting service for speaker and acoustic designs will be made available to technicians and installers working in the field of sound production. If you wish to avail yourself of this service send your enquiry to



Electronic Hardware Design:

Analogue circuit design

Prototype construction and testing

Audio design and prototyping

Digital circuit design

PCB layout

Firmware Design:

Digital audio applications

Automated test equipment

Industrial control

Proprietary protocols

Research and Development:

New technologies

New implementation of existing technologies

Product assessment and modification


Noise and isolation issues

Room response and characteristics

Psycho-acoustic enhancement

Loudspeaker design and construction



All enquiries are welcome. 

Our specialty is turning technical challenges into working solutions.


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